Useful Links

This is a collection of links to third-party applications and utilities which work together with our products.

If you find that any of these links are broken, please contact us so that we may update them. Thankyou.

Excel Viewer

Excel Viewer is a free program which allows the viewing and printing of the Excel files created by Moves and MicPlot, on PCs which don't have Excel installed. The latest version can be found on the Microsoft website at:

Please note however that the above version only works on PCs which are running Windows 2000 or later. If you are using an earlier version of Windows such as 98 or ME, you will need Excel Viewer 97. This works with all versions of Windows from 95 onwards, and is available here: XLview97.exe.

Open Office

Open Office is a free program which allows the editing of the Excel files created by Moves and MicPlot, on PCs which don't have Excel installed. It is available from the Open Office website at


LoopBe provides a virtual MIDI connection between a number of applications running on the same PC, and would typically be used to allow Palladium to send commands to playback programs such as SCS and SFX. Various versions are available from single in / single out to 8 ins and 8 outs. LoopBe can be found at


AutoIt provides a mechanism for creating scripts to automatically start-up a PC. Features include the ability to start a number of applications, change their window sizes and positions, and send them keyboard presses and mouse commands. Thus for automated starting of show PCs, AutoIt could start Palladium, open the required show file, and then start your playback program and load its show file. AutoIt can be found at


MIDI-OX provides a means for capturing and generating MIDI data, and is useful when things aren't working as you would expect, or you wish to interface Palladium to a piece of gear for which you do not have the manual or midi-implementation. MIDI-OX can be found at

MIDI Solutions

MIDI Solutions manufacture a range of MIDI "system building blocks" including data splitters, data mergers, footswitch to MIDI converters, MIDI to relay converters, and so on. MIDI Solutions products can be found at

SCS (Sound Cue System)

SCS provides a playback facility for sound effects and music cues on a PC, and fully supports Palladium's follow, linear and non-linear modes. In all cases, if Palladium and SCS are running on the same PC, you will need a virtual MIDI connection such as LoopBe (see above) to link the two applications. SCS can be found at: