RingMaster provides a simple and inexpensive facility for ringing on-stage telephones. The system comprises a series of wave files which replicate the ring signals used by various telephone systems throughout the world. All that is needed to ring a telephone is to amplify the signal, and then send it to the telephone.

Documentation Files

File Author File notes
User guide C. Hubbard Issue 1.

Ring Signal Files

The following files contain the ring signals for various countries. If the country you want isn't here, send us the ring signal specification, and we will create the file for you, and then put it here for the benefit of all users.

Country Frequency On Time 1 Off Time 1 On Time 2 Off Time 2
Australia 25Hz 0.4s 0.2s 0.4s 2.0s
UK 25Hz 0.4s 0.2s 0.4s 2.0s
USA 20Hz 2.0s 4.0s n/a n/a