Palladium is a Windows (can also be used on a Mac; see faqs) based PC program which is used to control a sound system during performances, and provides the following key features / benefits:

  • Provides simultaneous control of up to 3 mixers, 8 effects processors, 8 playback sources, 16 GPIs / tallies, plus auxiliary devices.
  • Is mixer independent; a show can be easily moved from one mixer to a completely different mixer.
  • Provides up to 1,000 cues - more than enough for any show.
  • Thinks in terms of actors and characters rather than channels; if for example an understudy is on, the user can go to the "variations" screen and tell the software which actor is now playing which character. The software will then update all the effected cues on the fly and make sure that nothing is missed.
  • Supports "emergencies" which are like another layer of "variations" and are used in the event of equipment failure during a performance.
  • Supports "Actor Tracking EQ", where mixer channel EQs follow actors as they change wireless packs or mixer channels. Can also be used for actors who have different EQ for different costumes (eg hats).
  • Crossfade function allows the user to go to the next cue before leaving the current cue.
  • Fast to program. By importing a MicPlot file, the first cut of a show automation file can be created in about 6 mouse clicks.
  • Provides high level editing functions for both cue list and channel editing. For example: mixer channels can be moved, copied, and so on; control changes can be bumped to the next or previous cue with a single mouse click; faders can be normailsed.
  • Can control any audio device with a MIDI / OSC port including mixers, effects processors, other PCs running sound effects replay software, samplers, and so on.
  • Non MIDI / OSC audio equipment can be controlled via a suitable interface such as a MIDI / OSC controlled mute, gain or relay box.
  • All MIDI / OSC messages generated by Palladium are fully programmable and can contain up to 127 bytes. Messages can also contain user defined parameters.

Only US$300

(Current version = 5.2c)